onsdag den 30. juli 2008

back from holiday

Sorry if gotgot to wrtie I was away on holiday. I had a good time in Sweden and came back to find that Zutcorp FC had missed out on promotion to the premier league in the XFA..on a 90+4 goal.

Luckily someone else withdrew (I think - or maybe the playoffs went bad) and I got up anyway, since I finished 3rd. So next season is all about survival and scraping in a few points here and there.

There was great success in the u21 league as i WON it. I´m not able to see the final league standing but it has to have been close as there were 5-6 teams able to win, when I left. And the Bendtner led boys did it. I wont talk of the u17 boys, since they suck :-)

Next season i expect a top 10 in the u21 but no more, since Bendtner and Bjarnason has gone to the seniors. Still have some great player left, and I have won the first 7 in the new season. Not going to last though!

Bendtner is out injured so Ive tried to play as few senior games as possible untill he returns.

Expect (even) fewer updates here, as I feel its a bit of a waste of time, since I appear to not have a lot of readers. So ill write updates once in awhile.

till then
Zut Out

lørdag den 12. juli 2008

Spending the cash!

Yesterday Per from De Urolige approached me asking if I wanted Morten Gamst Pedersen, whom Id be impressed by earlier. He is a 28 year old AML with good stats in just about every place. After a bit of negotiating we ended up on the price of 2 mil+Fellah (who I stole from him in an auction). A bit steep, but hey, its beta.

This meant that my u21 team is perhaps no longer in the top 5 in the world, and it showed when one of the very best, Cairneyhill, shoved me out of the cup on away goals (or did they win it late?.. I forget). I still have a very competent u21 team, and we are leading the u21 XFA league both on real and virtual points after having played loads more than no. 2. I like!

the seniors are currently doing ok, but draw a bit too much. Im contemplating going to a 4-4-2 as the 4-1-4-1 seems a bit too defensive at time. Maybe when Ronnie Schwartz returns from injury ill try it out. In the XFA 1b im hovering right around the top 6 spot that will get me a playoffspot. Could be very intersting to play one of those :-)

I went out of the XFA cup in wha was one of the mostunfair results in recent history. I outshot him 30-4 but ended up drawing 1-1 and loosing on pens. I must admit i was very very angry! SCORE already!

tirsdag den 8. juli 2008

Ijnuries and lag

It seems Si has crushed the lag problem. Whether its the new servers, less active users og something else, the game is again very playable, even at night. hurray. This sends us much closer to retail, and I think itll only take a succesful off season to send us into the clear. let´s see.

In other news zutcorp FC is kicking ass and taking names. up to 35th in the rankings and 7th youthwise is VERY VERY nice, and Im proud of the boys. We just won a comp at youth netting us a massive 195k!!

Right now I have both Leon A. and bendtner out with injuries so Im playing the waiting game. I cannot afford to loose either and continue my winning streak. NIck Bendtner is simply a key man, even if he doesnt score that much.

torsdag den 3. juli 2008

Oh no

Oh no, Nicklas bendtner finally succombed to the tons of freekicks and willbe out for a day. He is the one player I cannot live without, so I wont be playing any more XFA game - maybe a few u17 - and will only play a few friendlies tonight I think.

Lukcily its only one day, so hell be ready again tomorrow morning..

onsdag den 2. juli 2008

lag hell and FA trouble

So, Ov Collyer, the Si-legend, made a post explaining that the lag we have suffered the last week is all part of the testing phase, trying to optimize code. This leads me to belive this is crunch time for FM-live. Once they have fixed these problems, I bet well hear the big news of release.

meanwhile season 2 started under some chaotic circumstances. The mod from XFA was unable to log on for very long, and this lead to the Xtreme FA becoming more extreme than I expected, paying almost 15 mil to the premier league and around 8.5 til league one and 6 til league two. This is of course extreme...Just not the way I envisioned it.

I hope this is a glitch and wont be the future for the XFA - if it is, I thin I'm out, ince I believe a more flat payment structure is more a more enjoyable way forward.

Meanwhile I lost my first XFA league game, through some great goalkeeping by Tangerine Dreams GK. He was awesone, and we lost 2-1. Played a good match, and Im pretty confident we will challenge for a top 10 spot anyway. We'll see.

Oh and a shoutout to Anderlech FC, managed by MMORPG-blog VIP tobolds.blogspot.com who has started rather well, even if he knows next to nothing about how Football Manager works. As always he is studying hard and beat my reserves rather soundly in his second game...He then proceeded to get hammered by my u21 team later on, showing theres still a lot to learn.

søndag den 29. juni 2008

Zutcorp FC ready for season 2

For the first time in days I had time to play a lot today - well time coinsiding with the server working - and zutcorp FC seems ready for the gruelling season ahead.

I have sold of most of my experienced backups and subs and have gone with only youth (well 19+) on the bench. Otherwise those talents will never be ready for the 1st team.

Its looking good with the new signings and everything and Ill make a presentation for next season sometime during the next few days. Im still sort of looking for a GK, since Rune Pedersen hass started being the weak link a few games. But there arent that many good scandinavian GKs, so well see.

My budget looks very sound, so I might just save up for someone like Daniel Agger or another Scandinavian star sometime during the season.

Oh and the scoreline today 7W 2D 1Loss - bring it on!

torsdag den 26. juni 2008

You are not ready..

Well, I guess there is a reason they call it BETA. Since the release of the friends scheme, loads of players have joined the gameworlds, causing havoc with the servers. Or it could be the amount of contracts being extended and all that (although I hope thats not it!)

Fact is, this is good for FM LIVE and bad for all of us betatesters. bad cause it disrups our playtime, and leaves me not playing a game I´ve enjoyed a WHOLE lot this last month. Its also bad because some players are in and they can poach players off of wage auctions with just slightly higher that standard bids. Its a really hurtful time of the season to be "down".

It good however, that this gets discovered now, and not once at release, where youll have loads of pacifiers flying out of prams!

Also they have postponed the start of season 2 for another 3 days, which is propably good for all!

As for the game the signing of Dorsin and Poulsen har stabilised my team like they were supposed to. That with some tactical adjustments Zutcorp FC are now officially a force to be reckoned with. We have moved up to around 30th in the rankings and have lost one match (vs. an AI of course ;-) )

Luckily, theres football on now - I have fallen in love with the plucky Russians, and my heart still bleeds for yesterdays Turkish defeat.