tirsdag den 8. juli 2008

Ijnuries and lag

It seems Si has crushed the lag problem. Whether its the new servers, less active users og something else, the game is again very playable, even at night. hurray. This sends us much closer to retail, and I think itll only take a succesful off season to send us into the clear. let´s see.

In other news zutcorp FC is kicking ass and taking names. up to 35th in the rankings and 7th youthwise is VERY VERY nice, and Im proud of the boys. We just won a comp at youth netting us a massive 195k!!

Right now I have both Leon A. and bendtner out with injuries so Im playing the waiting game. I cannot afford to loose either and continue my winning streak. NIck Bendtner is simply a key man, even if he doesnt score that much.

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