onsdag den 2. juli 2008

lag hell and FA trouble

So, Ov Collyer, the Si-legend, made a post explaining that the lag we have suffered the last week is all part of the testing phase, trying to optimize code. This leads me to belive this is crunch time for FM-live. Once they have fixed these problems, I bet well hear the big news of release.

meanwhile season 2 started under some chaotic circumstances. The mod from XFA was unable to log on for very long, and this lead to the Xtreme FA becoming more extreme than I expected, paying almost 15 mil to the premier league and around 8.5 til league one and 6 til league two. This is of course extreme...Just not the way I envisioned it.

I hope this is a glitch and wont be the future for the XFA - if it is, I thin I'm out, ince I believe a more flat payment structure is more a more enjoyable way forward.

Meanwhile I lost my first XFA league game, through some great goalkeeping by Tangerine Dreams GK. He was awesone, and we lost 2-1. Played a good match, and Im pretty confident we will challenge for a top 10 spot anyway. We'll see.

Oh and a shoutout to Anderlech FC, managed by MMORPG-blog VIP tobolds.blogspot.com who has started rather well, even if he knows next to nothing about how Football Manager works. As always he is studying hard and beat my reserves rather soundly in his second game...He then proceeded to get hammered by my u21 team later on, showing theres still a lot to learn.

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