søndag den 29. juni 2008

Zutcorp FC ready for season 2

For the first time in days I had time to play a lot today - well time coinsiding with the server working - and zutcorp FC seems ready for the gruelling season ahead.

I have sold of most of my experienced backups and subs and have gone with only youth (well 19+) on the bench. Otherwise those talents will never be ready for the 1st team.

Its looking good with the new signings and everything and Ill make a presentation for next season sometime during the next few days. Im still sort of looking for a GK, since Rune Pedersen hass started being the weak link a few games. But there arent that many good scandinavian GKs, so well see.

My budget looks very sound, so I might just save up for someone like Daniel Agger or another Scandinavian star sometime during the season.

Oh and the scoreline today 7W 2D 1Loss - bring it on!

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