mandag den 23. juni 2008

Another signing

So I caved. Denmark has NO left back worth anything really so I have now signed a Swede for the job. Michael Dorsin joined on a pretty high wage of 7500k, but then he does look the goods. Im pretty much set for next season now except for perhaps an AML, even though Kahlenberg can do it pretty good.

I think I can afford one more good player.

Oh, and I might have a few beta invites coming up with the invites going out sometimes this week. Im going to reserve 2 for a couplde of friends, and I would prefer you to be scandinavian, if you want to join.

Feel free to leave me a mail or a comment, if you would like to have one of the spots i MIGHT have..

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Nik the Mod sagde ...

Nice blog mate, keep up the good work!