torsdag den 26. juni 2008

You are not ready..

Well, I guess there is a reason they call it BETA. Since the release of the friends scheme, loads of players have joined the gameworlds, causing havoc with the servers. Or it could be the amount of contracts being extended and all that (although I hope thats not it!)

Fact is, this is good for FM LIVE and bad for all of us betatesters. bad cause it disrups our playtime, and leaves me not playing a game I´ve enjoyed a WHOLE lot this last month. Its also bad because some players are in and they can poach players off of wage auctions with just slightly higher that standard bids. Its a really hurtful time of the season to be "down".

It good however, that this gets discovered now, and not once at release, where youll have loads of pacifiers flying out of prams!

Also they have postponed the start of season 2 for another 3 days, which is propably good for all!

As for the game the signing of Dorsin and Poulsen har stabilised my team like they were supposed to. That with some tactical adjustments Zutcorp FC are now officially a force to be reckoned with. We have moved up to around 30th in the rankings and have lost one match (vs. an AI of course ;-) )

Luckily, theres football on now - I have fallen in love with the plucky Russians, and my heart still bleeds for yesterdays Turkish defeat.

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