lørdag den 14. juni 2008

A lull before the storm

Im in the XFA, the Extreme FA. We are supposed to play a ton of game. But lately Im not playing any FA games, except a few in our flawed u21 league. why? Theres a few inactive managers and Ive already gone and played most of my games.

This has made this last week less intense although the user made comps are also rather fun (and Im way ahead in winnings :-) ) but they are still not with as much on the line as the FA games.

Now, Im sure ill be finishin somewhere around mid league. Hopefully I´ll make it into the 2nd division i.e. a place from 8-12. Im in a very strong division, so Ill be pleased with that. Im also still winning more than im loosing, so all in all it is going well.

Im still a little bored, mainly because I have no money to spend, after spending a lot of cash on leaon Andreasen and tommy Bechmann. Now Im going to save up for the end of the season where a lot of wage auctions will take place. here I have a couple of targets. If they dont work out Im saving up for a big name, if I possibly can. Might even go for a certain Swede...well see!

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