mandag den 2. juni 2008


As many of you know (hehe, sounds like you are a lot :-) ) injuries are realtime. Right now my new AMC Kahlenberg is out for the night, Dennis Sørensen is out until tomorrow sometime.

That leaves me with reserves for their spots and that is neither fun nor the recipe for victory. So im taking the night off.

I played a few u21 games though and ended in a bit of a argument because the XFA u21 league was made wrong when it started as a senior comp. So I ended up playing 2 games with youth vs. adults. One of them we ended up playing reverse afer to even it up, The other ended in a bit of a bad mood as my opponent didnt want to play very fair.

oh well its all a game and all that, but still not something to brighten up your day.

My bank manager didnt go balisticc after all as Søren Larsen went elsewhere for princely wages. I must admit to smiling a little as I got the news saying he was to be out injured for even longer time. And it made me take out insurance on Kahlenberg (makes him free while injured for the cost of 10% of his wages).

Tomorrow should see my team back at full strength - I hope - and also a signing or two in the youth department.

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