lørdag den 31. maj 2008


Winning in FML is all kinds of fun. Loosing isnt! My first 5 games of Fa ball yielded 1 point and I went to bed a very worried man!

Today I have played another 18 games, and lost just 4 moving up to a projected 6th, which I would be very happy with! my team has just clicked and won a lot of games quite clearly. They are sound defensively and finally bendtner works. By doing what you say? Ive stopped trying to make him a centerpiece and just focussed on what made the games flow. and suddenly we started scoring and winning.

We got some money from the FAs yesterday and Ive already launched a bid which I hopefully shall win tomorrow. Ive decided I want youth since the XFA had a u21 tournament with some quite nice prices in it. I want to do well there. And I have some key perssonel to do it with. Namely one N. Bendtner :-D

Just one game I want to talk about. My last tonight against Sheffield Thursday. in the very 1st minute we took a RED CARD. my very first of the game so far. So crisis time ensued and I juggled what I had left into a semblance of a team. Amazingly we got a goal from a corner and we managed to hold on for 1-1. Great work by my guys. Very proud!

fredag den 30. maj 2008

FA's about to start

Tonight the FA's will start and Zutcorp FC will see the first competetive action. Should be very interesting.

This morning I trialed in 5 youths to make me able to field a u/21 team and I had 3 games. Nicklas Bendtner dominates at u/21, and I won 2 out of 3. The loss was grossly unfair.

The A-team had a dreadful night last night, and we dropped to 75th in the rating. Nothing worked, and I lost faith in my tactics. Im now back to the usual tactic and doing better with a clear win this morning.

My goal now is to try and find myself a striker to sublement big Nick - I might have to go with a Norwegian og swede - but hey, they are all really Denmark anyway ;-)

Really looking forward to the supposed windfall of the FA money, and I hope I can turn them into quality. Daniel Agger; Kahlenberg and Christian Poulsen is also on the wanted list, but they are very much too expensive. I noticed that Kahlenberg is on trial all the time - even if he is injured for 4-5 days. What gives? Why would people take him in to pay his rather extortionate wages and not be able to play him?

onsdag den 28. maj 2008

Building for the future?

I'm learning a lot from playing the game these early days, and of course I'm making some mistakes. One of them might be going to youth in a betaworld that will last one or two season.

Anyway I went and bought Matthias "Zanka" Jørgensen fro 50k aq fee and around 3k salary. He is only 19 but already looks like a physical beast. His mental skill could be better, and I'm sure they will be. I don't yet have the skills to see potential but I'm told he is a 4*.

But perhaps it would be smarter of me to go with some more experiences players since they will likely perform better on this short schedule.

Not regretting signing Nicklas Bendtner though. He is doing rather well, and will be better once I finish learning my Target Man skill, which should be sometime today. After that I'm going for some more tactics skill, and then turn to coaching.

Oh, I also switched FA's and went Xtreme - yeah baby! and stepped 1 step up the ranking ladder to 47. I think that might be my highest as danish talent is thin on the ground. Its fun having a themed team, and propably not a bad place to start as a newbie2 since theres fewer players to concentrate on.

On thursday the FA's start up and we should recieve some cash. They'll go towards another couple of defenders and perhaps a fast amc if they are available. Let's see..

tirsdag den 27. maj 2008

day 2

I had ysterday off so I played almost all day. I signed two more players who did well on trial and generally did well.

I won 4k in a tournament with 12 other teams walking the league phase undefeated and winning the final on penalties via an Ai game (didnt know it was set to it, but I beat the team in a pesonal match 1-0 later on).

I am now up to around the 50th spot in the ranking after entering at 62. I win a little more than I loose which is ok considering i'm playing with a themed team.

mandag den 26. maj 2008

All good plans...

Theres a saying that all good military plans go out the windows at the first sight of the enemy. Well this happened to me when building my first ZutCorp FC squad. It turned out that the acquisition fee, not so much the wages, was the stumbling block to greatness...

Well without further ado here comes my first impression from 3 odd hours (would have been more, but I had to go to bed - early morning and all that - dreamt about it though :-) )

The beginning.
Well, I got my mails sorted out sunday afternoon, and it went as smooth as can be. Schose my name zutcorp fc and went of the the Buxton Gameworld. I was greeted with a very good wizard that held my hand through the starting up.

I chose team colours and all that and uploaded my nice logo, courtesy of fmlineonline.com. Off to a great start!

As you saw in the earlier post I had a strategy planned out to build a good team, but in the end it didnt make any sense to do it like that since the AQ fees made it too hard to do. So i started building a team from only danes, since I thought it could be fun for the beta. I signed loads of decent players...thenn noticed one N.Bendtner. Niclas is the real deal, but young at 20, and about the only real worldclass player Denmark really has.

but 300k AQ fee and 9k wages?

I thought and thought, assembled teams with and without him. And in the end I decided to say wth, and go for it. So ZutCorp FC set the GW record for signings and offered up 60% of my budget for him. The plusside of this is that he is propably the best player in the GW and he is very very cheap in wages, so I ended up with only spending 50% of the wage budget, which should make is pretty easy to get stronger players later on.

First 7 games
With bed time fast apporaching I wanted to play 10 games to get ranking and therefore money, but it was not to be. Each game took 5-10 minutes and I simply had to stop and go to sleep. No more gas on the tank.

I lost the two first games, while dickering with tactics, but settles for a standard 4-4-2 diamnd, made narrower and things started to click. Big Nic started scoring and I started winning. won 4 in a row and drew against one of the best team of the GW so far. A very promising start.

Hook, line and sinker
I am already addicted. the game seems to have buckets of promise and I'm very happy to be playing.

more later...

onsdag den 21. maj 2008

Starting strategy

So, apparently Zutcorp Fc will be founded either today or tomorrow.

Here are my starting priorities.

I'm going to be playing a version of 4-4-2, most likely a diamond one.

We get around 100k wages, and this is how I think I’ll spend it.

GK: I'm going to want someone old and composed. Good decisions, position and overall decent. Budget: 8 k
DR+DL: Players that will not score own goal. Do the odd tackle and generally not be in the way. CHEAP. About 4 k a piece. They'll mostly stay back and punt the ball away.
DC+DC: Solid players, preferably one old and one young. Budget 8k
DMC: A scrapper. Doesn’t matter if he can play, but should tackle and lay short passes. Budget: 4k
AMC: the creative spark and the playmaker. Star of the team: budget: 12k
MR+ML: decent players, but nothing special: 8k
FC: Big lump. Target man: 12k
FC: small and fast: 12k
5 subs: Young talents, preferably Danish - and cheap. No more than 2k worth of wages.

The strategy will be for youth except for the DC's, DMC and GK where it would be good to have some solid campaigners. I aim to save around 10k of wages, so I can still be active in the transfer market during the first weeks if someone good crops up.

I think I'm going to try for players I know from Denmark, but I still have no idea what players the starting money will buy.

Getting excited now. Zutcorp FC shall rule the world.