onsdag den 21. maj 2008

Starting strategy

So, apparently Zutcorp Fc will be founded either today or tomorrow.

Here are my starting priorities.

I'm going to be playing a version of 4-4-2, most likely a diamond one.

We get around 100k wages, and this is how I think I’ll spend it.

GK: I'm going to want someone old and composed. Good decisions, position and overall decent. Budget: 8 k
DR+DL: Players that will not score own goal. Do the odd tackle and generally not be in the way. CHEAP. About 4 k a piece. They'll mostly stay back and punt the ball away.
DC+DC: Solid players, preferably one old and one young. Budget 8k
DMC: A scrapper. Doesn’t matter if he can play, but should tackle and lay short passes. Budget: 4k
AMC: the creative spark and the playmaker. Star of the team: budget: 12k
MR+ML: decent players, but nothing special: 8k
FC: Big lump. Target man: 12k
FC: small and fast: 12k
5 subs: Young talents, preferably Danish - and cheap. No more than 2k worth of wages.

The strategy will be for youth except for the DC's, DMC and GK where it would be good to have some solid campaigners. I aim to save around 10k of wages, so I can still be active in the transfer market during the first weeks if someone good crops up.

I think I'm going to try for players I know from Denmark, but I still have no idea what players the starting money will buy.

Getting excited now. Zutcorp FC shall rule the world.

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