lørdag den 31. maj 2008


Winning in FML is all kinds of fun. Loosing isnt! My first 5 games of Fa ball yielded 1 point and I went to bed a very worried man!

Today I have played another 18 games, and lost just 4 moving up to a projected 6th, which I would be very happy with! my team has just clicked and won a lot of games quite clearly. They are sound defensively and finally bendtner works. By doing what you say? Ive stopped trying to make him a centerpiece and just focussed on what made the games flow. and suddenly we started scoring and winning.

We got some money from the FAs yesterday and Ive already launched a bid which I hopefully shall win tomorrow. Ive decided I want youth since the XFA had a u21 tournament with some quite nice prices in it. I want to do well there. And I have some key perssonel to do it with. Namely one N. Bendtner :-D

Just one game I want to talk about. My last tonight against Sheffield Thursday. in the very 1st minute we took a RED CARD. my very first of the game so far. So crisis time ensued and I juggled what I had left into a semblance of a team. Amazingly we got a goal from a corner and we managed to hold on for 1-1. Great work by my guys. Very proud!

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