onsdag den 28. maj 2008

Building for the future?

I'm learning a lot from playing the game these early days, and of course I'm making some mistakes. One of them might be going to youth in a betaworld that will last one or two season.

Anyway I went and bought Matthias "Zanka" Jørgensen fro 50k aq fee and around 3k salary. He is only 19 but already looks like a physical beast. His mental skill could be better, and I'm sure they will be. I don't yet have the skills to see potential but I'm told he is a 4*.

But perhaps it would be smarter of me to go with some more experiences players since they will likely perform better on this short schedule.

Not regretting signing Nicklas Bendtner though. He is doing rather well, and will be better once I finish learning my Target Man skill, which should be sometime today. After that I'm going for some more tactics skill, and then turn to coaching.

Oh, I also switched FA's and went Xtreme - yeah baby! and stepped 1 step up the ranking ladder to 47. I think that might be my highest as danish talent is thin on the ground. Its fun having a themed team, and propably not a bad place to start as a newbie2 since theres fewer players to concentrate on.

On thursday the FA's start up and we should recieve some cash. They'll go towards another couple of defenders and perhaps a fast amc if they are available. Let's see..

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