mandag den 26. maj 2008

All good plans...

Theres a saying that all good military plans go out the windows at the first sight of the enemy. Well this happened to me when building my first ZutCorp FC squad. It turned out that the acquisition fee, not so much the wages, was the stumbling block to greatness...

Well without further ado here comes my first impression from 3 odd hours (would have been more, but I had to go to bed - early morning and all that - dreamt about it though :-) )

The beginning.
Well, I got my mails sorted out sunday afternoon, and it went as smooth as can be. Schose my name zutcorp fc and went of the the Buxton Gameworld. I was greeted with a very good wizard that held my hand through the starting up.

I chose team colours and all that and uploaded my nice logo, courtesy of Off to a great start!

As you saw in the earlier post I had a strategy planned out to build a good team, but in the end it didnt make any sense to do it like that since the AQ fees made it too hard to do. So i started building a team from only danes, since I thought it could be fun for the beta. I signed loads of decent players...thenn noticed one N.Bendtner. Niclas is the real deal, but young at 20, and about the only real worldclass player Denmark really has.

but 300k AQ fee and 9k wages?

I thought and thought, assembled teams with and without him. And in the end I decided to say wth, and go for it. So ZutCorp FC set the GW record for signings and offered up 60% of my budget for him. The plusside of this is that he is propably the best player in the GW and he is very very cheap in wages, so I ended up with only spending 50% of the wage budget, which should make is pretty easy to get stronger players later on.

First 7 games
With bed time fast apporaching I wanted to play 10 games to get ranking and therefore money, but it was not to be. Each game took 5-10 minutes and I simply had to stop and go to sleep. No more gas on the tank.

I lost the two first games, while dickering with tactics, but settles for a standard 4-4-2 diamnd, made narrower and things started to click. Big Nic started scoring and I started winning. won 4 in a row and drew against one of the best team of the GW so far. A very promising start.

Hook, line and sinker
I am already addicted. the game seems to have buckets of promise and I'm very happy to be playing.

more later...

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