søndag den 29. juni 2008

Zutcorp FC ready for season 2

For the first time in days I had time to play a lot today - well time coinsiding with the server working - and zutcorp FC seems ready for the gruelling season ahead.

I have sold of most of my experienced backups and subs and have gone with only youth (well 19+) on the bench. Otherwise those talents will never be ready for the 1st team.

Its looking good with the new signings and everything and Ill make a presentation for next season sometime during the next few days. Im still sort of looking for a GK, since Rune Pedersen hass started being the weak link a few games. But there arent that many good scandinavian GKs, so well see.

My budget looks very sound, so I might just save up for someone like Daniel Agger or another Scandinavian star sometime during the season.

Oh and the scoreline today 7W 2D 1Loss - bring it on!

torsdag den 26. juni 2008

You are not ready..

Well, I guess there is a reason they call it BETA. Since the release of the friends scheme, loads of players have joined the gameworlds, causing havoc with the servers. Or it could be the amount of contracts being extended and all that (although I hope thats not it!)

Fact is, this is good for FM LIVE and bad for all of us betatesters. bad cause it disrups our playtime, and leaves me not playing a game I´ve enjoyed a WHOLE lot this last month. Its also bad because some players are in and they can poach players off of wage auctions with just slightly higher that standard bids. Its a really hurtful time of the season to be "down".

It good however, that this gets discovered now, and not once at release, where youll have loads of pacifiers flying out of prams!

Also they have postponed the start of season 2 for another 3 days, which is propably good for all!

As for the game the signing of Dorsin and Poulsen har stabilised my team like they were supposed to. That with some tactical adjustments Zutcorp FC are now officially a force to be reckoned with. We have moved up to around 30th in the rankings and have lost one match (vs. an AI of course ;-) )

Luckily, theres football on now - I have fallen in love with the plucky Russians, and my heart still bleeds for yesterdays Turkish defeat.

mandag den 23. juni 2008

Another signing

So I caved. Denmark has NO left back worth anything really so I have now signed a Swede for the job. Michael Dorsin joined on a pretty high wage of 7500k, but then he does look the goods. Im pretty much set for next season now except for perhaps an AML, even though Kahlenberg can do it pretty good.

I think I can afford one more good player.

Oh, and I might have a few beta invites coming up with the invites going out sometimes this week. Im going to reserve 2 for a couplde of friends, and I would prefer you to be scandinavian, if you want to join.

Feel free to leave me a mail or a comment, if you would like to have one of the spots i MIGHT have..

søndag den 22. juni 2008

Big signing!!

I have been testing out the holiday feature of FM live the last days, since I have been to a most excellent Bon Jovi concert held in the middle of nowhere in Jutland. It took us over 2 hours to just leave the parking lot. HELL!!!

On comning home I had to decide if I wanted 1 star or 3 minor signings during this off season. After muh delibarating and thinking I tried to negotiate with the manager of Simon Poulsen and Dnaiel Jensen, but ended up signing the hardest man in danish football: Christian Poulsen. the ppm "winds up opponents" seems very very fair, but he also has some beautiful stats.

This will allow me to move Leon andreasen back into DC and I think this could well lift my team to a higher lvl, with quality in all 3 lines.

In his very first match Christian setup a lovely Bendtner goal. I like!

lørdag den 14. juni 2008

speaking about being bored...

Do you know whats worse than being slightly bored with your FM-Live? not playing FM live!!! the servers are down for a bit longer than estimated.

Me wants to se me new rankings!!!

A lull before the storm

Im in the XFA, the Extreme FA. We are supposed to play a ton of game. But lately Im not playing any FA games, except a few in our flawed u21 league. why? Theres a few inactive managers and Ive already gone and played most of my games.

This has made this last week less intense although the user made comps are also rather fun (and Im way ahead in winnings :-) ) but they are still not with as much on the line as the FA games.

Now, Im sure ill be finishin somewhere around mid league. Hopefully I´ll make it into the 2nd division i.e. a place from 8-12. Im in a very strong division, so Ill be pleased with that. Im also still winning more than im loosing, so all in all it is going well.

Im still a little bored, mainly because I have no money to spend, after spending a lot of cash on leaon Andreasen and tommy Bechmann. Now Im going to save up for the end of the season where a lot of wage auctions will take place. here I have a couple of targets. If they dont work out Im saving up for a big name, if I possibly can. Might even go for a certain Swede...well see!

mandag den 9. juni 2008

I Give you, Zutcorp FC

I have now made the last signing of the season and im ready to pressent to you the mighty all danish team ZutCorp FC:

GK: Rune Pedersen - 28 year evteran, who has travelled many leagues in his life. Has super reflexes.. Backup: Mikkel Andersen - great talent and u21 keeper.
RB: Henrik Kildentoft. Good tackler, and pretty fast. Not worth a whole lot going forward but is developing. Beckup: K.E.Pedersen. DRLC is a great thing to be to have a job as a sub
LB: Søren Jensen. Got too many Yellow cars earlier but isnt bad anymore. Is perhaps the weakest link in the team.
DCs: Dan Tomassen. A very good all round DC. Makes few mistakes and has the speed and aerial abilty to keep his spot for along time.Simon Kjær: Like Real life he is an etxraordinary talent, but is not quite there yet. Developing nicely and is only 19Backup matthias ´zanka´Jørgensen. Has all the physical skills but lack mental readiness. Will be a star, but is only 18

MR: Dennis Sørensen. Excellent AMR with skille in the 13-16 range for almost everything. Doubles as striker. - BAckup Bechmann, stokholm
ML: Kahlenberg. Better at AMC, but no slouch at AML. An all round elegant player who does everything well.
MC: New signing Leon Andreasen is hard as nails. He can also play football and Im very proud to have signed him. He should stop the goals leaking in quite so much.
MC: Stokholm: A midfield general of sorts, but is getting old at 32. Doesnt score enough, but leads his team. Backups: William Kvist (who will take Stokholms space soon) and hans Henrik Andreasen (who is danger of getting sold)

FCs:Tommy Bechmann: All about the speed. Scores in 40% of the games!
Nicklas Bendter: the star, the legend to be, potentially one of the best in the world. He shall lead us to greatness. Still not quite great yet, but getting there! A goal every 40% of the games, but many many important ones. Dominates at u21 lvl. He is only 20!

Sub: Frank Kristensen (really not good enough) and Dennis Sørensen.

Talents to watch, but not ready for the 1st team.Mads laudrup, Nikolaj Agger, Ronnie Schwartz

søndag den 8. juni 2008

form and formations

Thursday was a great day for Zutcorp FC. we managed to sign Tommy Bechmann, who is very fast and runs at the defense. Also we went to a quite attacking 4-4-2 and that combo sent us on a 13 game unbeaten streak with many wins. I went to bed thinking I had it made and I was to shoot up the rankings the following days.

not so much.

It seems I had hit a formspike on thursday and friday and saturday saw nowhere near the same results. Especiallt vs. the 4-5-1 we would loose horribly.

So now ive made a more defensive 4-4-2 and it seems more stable, and I now use those two along with my old 4-4-2 diamond.

Form can be devastating in this game and very very frustrating.

As for signings im negotaiting to buy me a DMC but i really do not have the money for him, If I sign him I might have to try and sell someone off to finance it. On the good side im doing well in the league and will likely finish mid table and thereby win quite a lot of money in 2 weeks time. Maybe its better to save up for then and get someone good!

torsdag den 5. juni 2008

The limits of my (den) team

oh well, it seems the fun is wearing off my all danish team now. It cannot sign any more good free agents as there are none. Also Løvekrands and Jon Dahl Tomasson are stuck at inactive managers, and as such my players base is getting too small.

So Im contemplating breaking my (den) pledge and just sign someone good from the free agent pool while some are still left.

onsdag den 4. juni 2008

u21 powah!

Well it seems Im shooting up the rankings in the u21 world - even though im not winning that much - but Im up to 2nd out of 23 ranked teams.

no chance Ill stay there, but I have decided I like youth teams, as they seem a fun way to broaden out your gaming experience, and perhaps get succes if it eludes you in the seniors.

This game is hard!

This has to be one of the most frustrating and "hard" games I´ve ever played. I think I mean it in a good way.

As has been said many places this game is NOT for everybody. You will most likely not have instant succes. at least not in the "I´m king of the world" kind. there can be only one of those pr gameworld.

This is a game where you need to find smaller and more reachable goals. Build that world class DC. Make money. Have an all danish team do well (I dropped 100 places in rankings after two poor nights in a row). that kind of thing.

Its going to be interesting to see if this game will keep its interest in the long run.

mandag den 2. juni 2008


As many of you know (hehe, sounds like you are a lot :-) ) injuries are realtime. Right now my new AMC Kahlenberg is out for the night, Dennis Sørensen is out until tomorrow sometime.

That leaves me with reserves for their spots and that is neither fun nor the recipe for victory. So im taking the night off.

I played a few u21 games though and ended in a bit of a argument because the XFA u21 league was made wrong when it started as a senior comp. So I ended up playing 2 games with youth vs. adults. One of them we ended up playing reverse afer to even it up, The other ended in a bit of a bad mood as my opponent didnt want to play very fair.

oh well its all a game and all that, but still not something to brighten up your day.

My bank manager didnt go balisticc after all as Søren Larsen went elsewhere for princely wages. I must admit to smiling a little as I got the news saying he was to be out injured for even longer time. And it made me take out insurance on Kahlenberg (makes him free while injured for the cost of 10% of his wages).

Tomorrow should see my team back at full strength - I hope - and also a signing or two in the youth department.

My bankmanager cringes!

Exciting times at zutcorp FC. This morning and last night we launched bids for 2 current danish national team players. Both are injury prone so I'd better trin some physio skills if they join.

If I sign these two, which I propably won't since I'm in heavy competetion for one of them, I won't sign any more players this season, except perhaps for a couple of u/21s. If that happens I'll make a team presentation during the week, so stay tuned!

edit: Two transfers down. Two more in the pipes still. Kahlenberg joins for 275k (already worth twice that if the market value thing is true) and I hope he can make a difference if he can stay injry free. Also jesper Blicher a very fast AMR for my youth..should be good!