mandag den 9. juni 2008

I Give you, Zutcorp FC

I have now made the last signing of the season and im ready to pressent to you the mighty all danish team ZutCorp FC:

GK: Rune Pedersen - 28 year evteran, who has travelled many leagues in his life. Has super reflexes.. Backup: Mikkel Andersen - great talent and u21 keeper.
RB: Henrik Kildentoft. Good tackler, and pretty fast. Not worth a whole lot going forward but is developing. Beckup: K.E.Pedersen. DRLC is a great thing to be to have a job as a sub
LB: Søren Jensen. Got too many Yellow cars earlier but isnt bad anymore. Is perhaps the weakest link in the team.
DCs: Dan Tomassen. A very good all round DC. Makes few mistakes and has the speed and aerial abilty to keep his spot for along time.Simon Kjær: Like Real life he is an etxraordinary talent, but is not quite there yet. Developing nicely and is only 19Backup matthias ´zanka´Jørgensen. Has all the physical skills but lack mental readiness. Will be a star, but is only 18

MR: Dennis Sørensen. Excellent AMR with skille in the 13-16 range for almost everything. Doubles as striker. - BAckup Bechmann, stokholm
ML: Kahlenberg. Better at AMC, but no slouch at AML. An all round elegant player who does everything well.
MC: New signing Leon Andreasen is hard as nails. He can also play football and Im very proud to have signed him. He should stop the goals leaking in quite so much.
MC: Stokholm: A midfield general of sorts, but is getting old at 32. Doesnt score enough, but leads his team. Backups: William Kvist (who will take Stokholms space soon) and hans Henrik Andreasen (who is danger of getting sold)

FCs:Tommy Bechmann: All about the speed. Scores in 40% of the games!
Nicklas Bendter: the star, the legend to be, potentially one of the best in the world. He shall lead us to greatness. Still not quite great yet, but getting there! A goal every 40% of the games, but many many important ones. Dominates at u21 lvl. He is only 20!

Sub: Frank Kristensen (really not good enough) and Dennis Sørensen.

Talents to watch, but not ready for the 1st team.Mads laudrup, Nikolaj Agger, Ronnie Schwartz

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