søndag den 22. juni 2008

Big signing!!

I have been testing out the holiday feature of FM live the last days, since I have been to a most excellent Bon Jovi concert held in the middle of nowhere in Jutland. It took us over 2 hours to just leave the parking lot. HELL!!!

On comning home I had to decide if I wanted 1 star or 3 minor signings during this off season. After muh delibarating and thinking I tried to negotiate with the manager of Simon Poulsen and Dnaiel Jensen, but ended up signing the hardest man in danish football: Christian Poulsen. the ppm "winds up opponents" seems very very fair, but he also has some beautiful stats.

This will allow me to move Leon andreasen back into DC and I think this could well lift my team to a higher lvl, with quality in all 3 lines.

In his very first match Christian setup a lovely Bendtner goal. I like!

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