mandag den 2. juni 2008

My bankmanager cringes!

Exciting times at zutcorp FC. This morning and last night we launched bids for 2 current danish national team players. Both are injury prone so I'd better trin some physio skills if they join.

If I sign these two, which I propably won't since I'm in heavy competetion for one of them, I won't sign any more players this season, except perhaps for a couple of u/21s. If that happens I'll make a team presentation during the week, so stay tuned!

edit: Two transfers down. Two more in the pipes still. Kahlenberg joins for 275k (already worth twice that if the market value thing is true) and I hope he can make a difference if he can stay injry free. Also jesper Blicher a very fast AMR for my youth..should be good!

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