lørdag den 12. juli 2008

Spending the cash!

Yesterday Per from De Urolige approached me asking if I wanted Morten Gamst Pedersen, whom Id be impressed by earlier. He is a 28 year old AML with good stats in just about every place. After a bit of negotiating we ended up on the price of 2 mil+Fellah (who I stole from him in an auction). A bit steep, but hey, its beta.

This meant that my u21 team is perhaps no longer in the top 5 in the world, and it showed when one of the very best, Cairneyhill, shoved me out of the cup on away goals (or did they win it late?.. I forget). I still have a very competent u21 team, and we are leading the u21 XFA league both on real and virtual points after having played loads more than no. 2. I like!

the seniors are currently doing ok, but draw a bit too much. Im contemplating going to a 4-4-2 as the 4-1-4-1 seems a bit too defensive at time. Maybe when Ronnie Schwartz returns from injury ill try it out. In the XFA 1b im hovering right around the top 6 spot that will get me a playoffspot. Could be very intersting to play one of those :-)

I went out of the XFA cup in wha was one of the mostunfair results in recent history. I outshot him 30-4 but ended up drawing 1-1 and loosing on pens. I must admit i was very very angry! SCORE already!

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